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Slowly But Surely

11 Jul
checking out my glutes.. jst checking how my training comes along

checking out my glutes.. jst checking how my training comes along

Started on Project Shredded Butt a while Back. Initially it seems like pretty impossible as the butt is one hell of a place where tons of fats are stored mostly and most would just train to have a rounded perky ass. Well, my goal anyways to try to sculpt the body’s muscular form.

There are too many people out there too eager to see results and too lazy to do and wait. Let me tell you, the journey is one worth taking. learning about patience, appreciation, respect, dedication, discipline and most of all ourselves and life. Its not just about lifting and seeing results but the journey is one that makes it all the more interesting and worthwhile.

Keep your spirits up high people.

Eat Right, Pump Smart

It’s all in the mind

4 Jul
Flexing after legs day on my less intense cycle 2dys legs day straight.lol

Flexing after legs day on my less intense cycle 2dys legs day straight.lol

There are many when asked how I got my physique, i told them “RIGHT DIET” and almost instantly they gave me the dismay / disapproval look follows by “BUT” … “its hard to resist” “There is no life” and yet they still claim “I want 6 packs” some even want it without effort put. So most of the time dealing with people as such, il just leave them be until they are ready to accept the truth. No point wasting your energy on people who will never accept the truth and choose to believe what they want to believe. And it’s always after certain period of time, they come back to me and told me they realized what i said was the truth because their doctor gave them a report that is less than desirable.

So a lot of people asked me how I did it. Resist temptations!

For my case, its the focus on my goal. That’s the strongest one. My personal Goal? “HEALTH” I’ve in many times showcase my will power sitting on a table full of delicious mouth watering food and all I took was my cup of hot black coffee and the food I prepared the morning. Then most would ask me “But How?” I just choose not to. takes practice but when you no longer see food as “LIVE TO EAT” and instead “EAT TO SURVIVE” and that food is not just food but energy source and its macros, then you will be able to control your cravings for something you can control.

There are many who stop buying and storing food or even got people around them to be strict and stop them by force if they give in to the cravings to prevent themselves from the temptations. That can most definitely won’t work. Those people around you will not be beside you 24-7. Not storing them at home don’t mean you lock yourself up in the house and never step out. The depression from being deprived will drive you to crave for food you never though you will ever crave for and end up eating more. It has to come from your own desire to say “NO! I WON’T” there is a great saying “WHAT YOU EAT IN PRIVATE SHOWS IN PUBLIC” you can’t really lie to yourself, more like you can lie to the whole world but you can’t lie to yourself.

So 1st know your goal and then build your will power and be firm. Discipline and perseverance will be your key of success.


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