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What goes in & What don’t come out?

7 Jan
Checking on my biceps after workout

Checking on my biceps after workout

Every time anyone asked me how to obtain the 6packs or to shed off the muffin tops, i’ll only have 1 gesture. that is the eating motion. Because the most important aspect to any physical change is the diet. What you eat highly defines what you will get. And probably to the majority this is the worst nightmare. I guess its one of the hardest aspect to master. Everyone can go to the gym. Everyone can workout and lift heavy even. Everyone can run and jog. But when it comes down to rejecting those mouthwatering delicious aromatic food, it’s like the end of the world. With the era we are living in now where most if not all the food producers and even supplements focusing on taste rather than benefits because the competition is stiff. If you don’t taste good people will not buy. Even with protein shakes, i’ve kids coming up to me asking me which brand should they go for. and instead of having, “how good is the quality?” question first they asked me, “if it taste good” So I would say its almost everyone’s Achilles Heel.

And of course there is the question on those who have very high metabolism. In other words the Hard Gainers who are to most blessed because they can eat all they want, whatever they want and still won’t get fat. But I say to you its those Hard Losers/Easy gainers that is safe here. For they will most definitely watch what they eat and are more sensitive to the diet. Why would I say that being hard gainers may not be a good thing? well, 1st off sure they can keep eating and even enjoy those junk fatty food filled with chemicals and preservatives and conditioning agents. But there is a matter of what gets left behind in the body that is swimming in the blood stream and surrounding all their beloved organs. With the stronger more advanced technologies in the food industry creating super enhanced chemicals, I guess I don’t have to say much bout the enhanced substance left behind inside the body.

posing with an ex-classmates who started gym and seeing him improve is a great feeling

posing with an ex-classmates who started gym and seeing him improve is a great feeling

On the part of what I do, sculpting the body. I focus on clean diet whole year long. And I see the benefits of more matured growth compared to back in the days before I started reading up on nutrition. The thin skin condition year long is definitely due to the clean diet I practice. Even now when I’m sizing up (where everyone is calling it bulking) I’m going at it with the clean diet manner. Clean Carbs and method of preparing. Sure its slow but I’ve a lifetime to work on it. slowly sculpting it and appreciating it. But I do gain a good amount of size while maintaining my ripped conditioning. tight abs maintained as I grow in size. Why? well, I focus very much on health and well-being and the though of bulking with junk and fast food which is fatty and full of toxic and having it left behind and invading my systems and organs is just ain’t worth my sacrifice. All those health issues in the future? What is a win when its glorifying now and devastating in the future right? the actual winners are those who maintain it for a distance. Lifetime and making it a Lifestyle.

Remember, what you put into your mouth is just as important as what that won’t be coming out anytime soon or even worst that stays inbound forever as ALIENS!!>>?? hahaha….

Checking in on some definitions

Checking in on some definitions

Have a great 2014, Eat Clean, Live Healthy & Pump Smart.


3 Jan
ThrowBack 2013

ThrowBack 2013

So there are a lot of habits and behaviour I notice in the gym lately or things related to Fitness and Health. And I simply have to say I’ll have to discuss it since its getting way out of hand.

One of the up and rising trend is: BURPING IN THE GYM

So i notice there is an uncontrollable behaviour in my gym with constant uncontrollable burping. It’s disgusting and well, disrespectful to others in the gym and sorta very rude when done loudly and with the mouth open when someone is lifting beside you. And then i realized why they find it sensible to do such. No, its not just cause they are not thoughtful of others but I overheard one saying, “Burping means the body is burning fats and releasing gas”

well, lets look at why we burp shall we? According to WebMD Seems like there is more negative than positive reasons which causes burping. Do Click on the link. Then there is the Acid reflux reasons. I notice a lot of people are training on an empty stomach just so they don’t add on the calories which causes the acid to build up in the stomach. They are lucky that they have not felt the heartburn. Yet, its not a very good idea. So i’ve no idea how the burping is a result of fats being burnt in the body’s idea came about.

I do know that a lot of people’s idea of losing weight is to eat less. As in literally cutting out meals. I know a few who eat 1 meal a day and starve themselves the whole day. Some of the worst case I’ve heard of was no meals and they fill themselves up with water and green tea. Then there are the starving themselves at night. Not only does starving cause hormone imbalance it also ruin your metabolic health and causes malnutrition which will cause long term health risk. So it’s not even to eat small portion but ITS TO EAT THE RIGHT PORTION AND THE RIGHT CHOICE OF FOOD frequently. Choose wisely.

Hope its not going to be an epidemic around the rest of the world.


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