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Healthy Curry Chicken – Recipe

15 Jul
I was talking to a friend about Curry can be healthy too... sooooo

I was talking to a friend about Curry can be healthy too… sooooo

Have I posted any recipe before? can’t really remember but here’s one of the latest ones. When I mentioned to people that Indian food are actually very healthy, no one believes me and I always told them it’s how you prepare them that matters. I’ve always used Indian spices in my food. Lots of Curry Powders, Pepper, Paprika, Tumeric… etc.

So here I’ll post my recipe of a healthy meal along with Curry Chicken Recipe

For the Curry:


2kgs Skinless Chicken Breast

1 Clove of Garlic

2 Medium Onions

5 Chili or to taste

Mixed Powder (Curry Powder, Tumeric, Cinnamon, Chili Powder, Paprika Powder, Black Pepper, Cumin Powder, Coriander Powder, Ginger Powder)


(Curry Chicken)

Wash and Cut the chicken breast to desired shapes

Chop and Dice Garlic, Onion & Chili

Add water and stir all the powders to thick paste

Heat the wok and stir-fry Garlic

Add in onions and chili and stir some more

Add in the curry mixed paste and stir some more

Add in Chicken Breast and stir till fully mixed with everything else

Cover the wok and let it simmer till cook.

(Sweet Potato)

Wash the S.Potatoes and cut to smaller pieces (If its Big) and steam till soft

(Sweet Corn)

Wash and boil till cook

so yeah, thats all for the recipe. simple and healthy

It ain’t no Trend

14 Jul

BONG CHENG TZUUI remember when I 1st lifting, everyone kept on telling me I’ve to build bigger delts, the bigger the better. Bigger than my head even better. I was like….



then there were ppl commenting build bigger chest 1st, arms not big enough, lads not wide enough… endless possibilities. So if i were to follow each one of the advice each time they made it and discriminated me i would have look pretty oddly proportionate hulk. And people won’t stop talking, especially those who aren’t doing it. Talk is cheap but u ain’t buying. So why bother.

So these “Discriminating Trend” or so how I call it is set out to discriminate others under the false claim of trying to trigger others into a better life. Negativity is never a positivity. It can’t be abuse as a bully. Its a very thin fine line between motivation and bully. So Don’t Let yourself be frustrated over what is trending. Back in my days, no one speaks of or discriminate others of chicken legs or widely shout out “Never Skip Legs day” because we respect each others Goal and there is no feud between different schools of lifters be it bodybuilders or cardio enthusiast and even functional muscles builders. So stop trying to trash others of their goals and leave them be while you focus on your own gain.

I believe if you set your goals solid enough and fully focus on achieving it and disregard of what others have to say (Making sure its a good path not a negative one) then you will see it in no time with a joyful journey. Pray for those who are still trapped in these stress and frustration.

Checking on the quads after a slow week

Checking on the quads after a slow week

I’ve no specifics but right now my goal is to build a symmetrical physique.

No easy task pumping the legs after blood donation bt i tried

No easy task pumping the legs after blood donation bt i tried

Cheers and hope you can find your own goal and not due to the influence of others. People can motivate you but don’t let them be the one pushing you to their directions.

Eat Clean, Train Hard, Pump Smart


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