ACE Fitness – Gym review

2 Sep
The friendly boss who is also a certified Muay Thai Instructor

Oh wow, another new gym in town. Oh wait, it’s not just a simple gym. It’s a fitness center. You may ask what is the difference? Well, Fitness center is like how it’s called. It’s catered for those who are aiming to be fit and healthy. Making Fitness and health their lifestyle. Offering a whole range of services from Gym (obviously) to group classes. Checking out the schedule I’ve spotted a long awaited class which is a trend in the fitness lifestyle, the Muay Thai and an all time favourite yoga along with many more classes which suites all range of customers needs.

Knowing me, a fitness freak, how can I miss the opportunity to gym visit and try it out. So I met up with the boss, Sylvester Tin and asked for his permission to blog bout his fitness center after using it. After getting the green light I went straight to what I love most.. WORKOUT!!!

So it’s my chest and back day. As usual it’s mostly supersets and high intensity so I love my machines close by so I don’t have to waste time walking to one across the room.

New Fitness Center hits Miri City

Getting right down to it, I walk about to check what I can use for my pecs pump. I’ve the smith-machine on my left and the cable cross on my right. A good combination. Looking at the smith-machine hook, it’s a reverse hook where u have to twist ur wrist backward to hook it up but I’m more of a front hook person so I turn the bench around so I can get my front hook motion. I start off with my all time favourite Incline all the way down flat routine on the smith-machine ( 3 sets / 12 reps or failure) while supersetting it with Low-pulley Cablecross (5 sets  / 12 reps), High-Pulley Cablecross (5 sets / 12 reps). Upon reaching the 4th hole I notice that the bench is blocked from going any further so I’ve to make some adjustment to my routine. I shifted to the Machine vertical Press Machine (5 sets / 12 reps) supersets Pec Deck (5 sets / 12 reps) and when back to the smith-machine. I decide to try the reverse hook by turning my bench to the original position on the 5th hole (5 sets / 12 reps) supersets middle-pulley cable-cross (5 sets / 12 reps) I would say it’s still good to go. And finish off with a 6th hole (3 sets / 12 reps) supersets Dumbbell pullover (3 sets / 12 reps) All done without rest in between. I would say it’s a good chest day. thumbs up.. but I’m not done. Just yet.

The Star Attraction would goes to the cablecross. One of the 4 cablecross machine in Miri

So I took a break from my major muscle group by working on my abs at the cable-cross machine. Isolated crunch without stop. (21 sets / 30 reps) Well, the highest spot is a little low but not an issue. Just have to adjust a little. I don’t get the full motion for the stretch but I still managed to squeeze hard to work those packs.

a whole set of dumbbells for ur free weight needs

Moving on to my back routine, I decide to start off with the wide-grip lat pulldown (5 sets / 12 reps) supersets seated row (5 sets / 12 reps) I would say it came as a surprise that they have a designated machine for the seated row. According to Sylvester, the narrow grip is on it’s way over so hang in there till the shipment arrives. Then I shifted to Low-pulley cable bar row (5 sets / 12 reps) supersets smith-machine bent over row (5 sets / 12 reps). The weights for my cable bar row needs weren’t reached but I’m known to carry the whole rack in most gyms so it’s not a surprise. But I’ve mentioned to the boss and he told me that he had already ordered some plates to increase the weight to most of his machines and it’s on its way too. anyways, if u superset it the way I do, it would be intense enough for your needs.

After that I shifted to the high-pulley Lat Pulldown (5 sets / 12 reps) supersets Dumbbell bent-over row (5 sets / 12 reps) Angle for the high-pulley is good here as it’s not too high which affects the angle of the pull. And finally I went on to High-Pulley rope lat pulldown (5 sets / 12 reps) supersets (here’s what I did, I turn the pec deck machine into a reverse fly machine to work the inner lat) (5 sets / 12 reps)

After I was done, I felt I just need  to make it a 9. So I finish it off with a reverse-grip front pulldown on the lat machine (5 sets / 12 reps)

Another one of my top favourite must have in the gym, the smith-machine

I didn’t managed to use all the machine in the fitness center but I can see that it’s sufficient for your whole body needs. There is a squat rack for those free weight enthusiast. Think it’s not heavy enough, stack it all in. There’s plenty of free plates. 2 free weight benches with rack for the Olympic bars above. Reverse leg Press, Leg Curl and Leg Extension machine for your lower body needs. 3 adjustable bench and a flat bench. Not to mention for those cardio lover, there’s bicycle, treadmills and air walk.

The environment is workout friendly with ample air-conditioner to keep the air recycling so we won’t be sucking in each others’ carbon dioxide and making sure the temperature is lungs friendly too. The staff is friendly with wide smile and there is even a personal trainer here too.

They provide protein shakes by the counter. Just purchase one off and they will even shake it up for u or make u an ice-blended protein at affordable price. And if you are planning to grab a tub home, just ask and they will show you the range and price list.

Another must have machine in the gym, love those squats

To top it all up (sorry, no pictures) you can go to the 2nd floor where there’s 2 large studio for group classes. One equipped with punching bags and martial arts equipments. I’m not joking when I say it’s huge. I’m not a big fan of group classes so I didn’t check that out much but I can tell you that you will love the classes. I’m just a boring gym bug so don’t blame me for not providing much. Probably I’ll start loving the classes in the future so wait till then to see my reviews on that. lol.

Working those leg’s not a problem here

I would say it’s a good place to workout in. Be it if your goal is for fitness, casual workout or a bodybuilder, this place is sufficient. The weights may not be as heavy but with the right routine, it can be as intensive as any gym.

And of course, not to forget since it’s a fitness center there are ruled to abide. Workout without shirt on is a big no no due to hygiene purposes and respect for the female members. Always bring along a hand towel to avoid having ur sweat flood the resting pads and always wipe your sweat after use. And for those HULK please, don’t throw the weights and it’s rude and furthermore, disrespectful to the others in the gym and the shop below. We are not shooting a Muscletech motivation video. Last but not least, please return the items to it’s original place after use so others won’t have to hunt for it.

You would love to know how I DIY it to my Back needs… not just a pec Deck

I would rate this gym among the top 3 in miri below Piasau Boat Club and Marriott.

Here’s how you can find it:

Lot 2201 & 2202, Block 5, MCLD Saberkas, Miri, Sarawak.

Tel: +6 010 408922


Definitely worth going. 4/5 in Miri


7 Responses to “ACE Fitness – Gym review”

  1. Fitness Centre Adelaide September 5, 2011 at 10:48 am #

    Hi, what a great web blog. I usually spend hours on the net reading blogs on various subjects. And, I really would like to praise you for writing such a fabulous article. I honestly believe there is a skill to writing articles that only very few posses and yes you got it. This is really informative and I will for sure refer my friends the same. Thanks……

    • Bong Cheng Tzuu, 黄晨祖 September 5, 2011 at 11:46 am #

      Hi, Thanks for the great comment and compliments. I’ll do my best to provide more and appreciates you for helping me to spread the word of my works 🙂 have a great day. cheers

  2. Christopher Remondini September 22, 2011 at 4:26 am #

    I enjoy you because of your own effort on this blog. My mum takes pleasure in participating in investigations and it’s easy to see why. Almost all hear all regarding the compelling mode you render sensible tips and hints on this website and even welcome contribution from people on that content so our favorite child is in fact discovering a lot. Enjoy the rest of the year. You are always carrying out a terrific job.

  3. jessie julius sim January 31, 2013 at 9:41 am #

    Hai there…juz 1 2 ask relating the membershipfees permth n what are the facilities ?any fitness plan wt trainer for those who wish to stay fit n health.tq

    • Bong Cheng Tzuu, 黄晨祖 February 1, 2013 at 7:58 am #

      HI Jessiejsim, they do provide trainers and programs. Probably pop by the gym when ur around the corner. Cus I don’t work there and i just go around doing gym reviews when I spotted them. There are 2 more gyms from kuching i’ve tested and will be posting it up soon. try visiting their webpage or FB Page ( for more info

  4. Nazha March 2, 2016 at 10:08 pm #

    Hi, do u know if there’s a ladies’ only fitness
    classes or gym in Miri?

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