Gym Rakyat Miri – Gym Review

5 Sep
Helmi’s a trainer here as well as one of the committee

Well, most of my friends were like asking me, “When will you enjoy your holiday?” Reason as to why that is such a common question shot my was due to my passion for gym that even on my holidays that I’m working out. I would hunt down all the gyms in the area I’m in and blow the whole area up with sweats.

So it was my leg day a day before I leave back to Brunei and I’ve always love to torture my legs in the local “Gym Rakyat” Community gym which is situated by the side of the stadium. The opening hours are from 5:30 / 5:45 pm – 10 pm. Last I heard they are testing out new opening time so will update if I get the confirmed news. Entrance fees is at RM3 per entry and RM30 a month for members. To join just hop into the gym during the opening hours and pay a registration fees of RM20 along with the 1st month membership fees of RM30 and you are good to go.

Located by the side of the Miri Stadium, underneath the seat area

It’s a little quiet that night when I decide to torment my legs. Probably it’s still the Aidilfitri holidays. I walked in and saw a lot of familiar faces as well as new ones which I’ve not came across before. Probably they were motivated from the recent local bodybuilding competition but I’m happy that new faces appear. After the usual greetings I went straight for the leg press machine. I just love the leg press machine here. Even though it’s not the latest model it still get me to strictly use my quads on every rep. I’m still feeling it now as I’m typing and I’m loving that feeling. So I did a total of 12 sets / 12 reps of 200lbs. Of which 4 sets toes pointed outward, 4 sets toes pointed inwards and 4 sets of normal footing.

After that I moved on to the cable machine and did my Alternate Cable Side Lateral Raise Extended sets of 5 sets each arm / 12 reps. I would have grabbed the dumbbells but it was fully utilized on the other room. And after my shoulders I moved back to the leg machine. But unfortunately it’s not functioning properly due to misuse by unthoughtful members. So I skipped my usual routine and went on to the smith-machine to hit of a superset of Sumo Squat (5 sets / 12 reps) with Stiff Leg Deadlift (5 sets / 12 reps) Both to target the Hamstrings.

It has a variety of equipments for general needs

After that I moved back to the cable machine to pull of Alternate Cable Front Lateral Raise Extended sets. (5 sets / 12 reps). Moving back to my legs I dragged the bench to the smith-machine. Now you know why I just love the smith-machine. After placing the correct weights I dive in to perform my Vertical Leg Press. (5 sets / 12 reps) It takes a little get use to and focus especially when you want to hook the bar up using just a little twitch on the toes. I’ve ample practice but believe me, you would want to hook up the safety pin. The last time I did it I slipped and the bar just came crashing down. I heard a little crack on my knees but thank God I weren’t injured.

I’m practically running around in the gym doing my little routine. LOL. I pulled the bench out and towards the cable machine. Facing the low pulley I move in to my Cable rear delt pull. (5 sets each arm / 12 reps)  The motion is almost similar to the Bent-over Dumbbell Row but the trick is to focus on the rear delt and avoid using the back as much as possible.

It don’t look like any high-tech stuff bt this machine gives you pleasure and pain

Back to the legs. Since the Leg curl / Leg Extension machine weren’t functioning properly I decide to end it with my all time favourite Isolated Calf Raise at the Leg Press Machine. (12 sets each leg / 12 reps) Again with the 4 sets toes inwards, 4 sets toes outward and 4 sets normal footing. And I even finish off with 1 sets of 20 reps for each inward, outward and normal calf raise.

And I decide to finish off my shoulder routine with a supersets of Behind the back Shrugs (5 sets / 12 reps) with Front Shrugs. (5 sets / 12 reps)

My favourite corner in the gym – leg stations

I usually finish off my whole routine with abs exercise so I did my usual at the cable machine. I would say, the high pulley is a little low for my taste on this workout. But regardless I still pull it off anyway. I did 14 sets / 30 reps each side and another 7 sets / 30 reps each side on the low pulley.

The atmosphere was too warm and humid to workout in as there is only two exit for the air to flow out and it’s not the biggest space to do so. But thankfully, they decide to purchase a few floor fan to help circulate the air as one of the ceiling fan weren’t working. Other than that, it’s a sufficient gym with a Lat pulldown cum Seated Row Machine, Chest and shoulder convertible Machine, Squat cage, 2 Chin-up station, the leg stations I mentioned and the smith-machine on one side and 4 Spinning bikes, 2 treadmills, full set hexagonal dumbbells, Back Cum abs convertible machine, E-Z Bar, Free Weight Bench with Olympic Bar, incline and flat benches. Not to mention there is a good weighing scale here too.

Spinning bikes for your cardio needs

And for those who just want to sweat it out without the use of heavy weights or machines, there are step-up boards and even skipping ropes to do cardiorobics. But why is this place a hit other than the price which is really affordable? The Personal Training services provided by local bodybuilders and constant tips and advices given to those who are in need does bring in the crowd. There are quite a number of gyms in Miri lately but not all of them provide trainers. So if you are new to gym world and need guidance why not drop by and workout here?

Hexagonal Dumbbell rack

Even though this is a community gym, proper rules and regulations must be followed. Hygiene always come 1st on my list. Try to bring your own towel so you can keep your sweat off the bench and machines as well as wipe it off. Don’t throw the weights around and make sure the pins on the plates are properly fixed before using. I just heard that someone broke one. There are no rules regarding training shirtless but keeping them on would be nice so the bench won’t be drown with your sweat. I know it’s hard to follow this number due to the warmth but nobody says anything about walking shirtless or using machines which you don’t have to lay down is wrong. Please wear proper shoes to workout. Smoking is definitely prohibited inside the gym. But if you have the urge (and I’m not recommending) please do so at a place where the smoke won’t get into the gym.

I rarely hit this area cause I’m the “Kaki Guy (legman)” in gym rakyat

So other than it’s a sauna inside it’s actually a nice gym to workout in if not the best plus if you are new and don’t want to spend a bomb not knowing if you will make gym your lifestyle (Which I’m assuming you will!!!) What can go wrong with RM30 a month or RM3 per entry?

Time to strip after a nice session of legs and shoulder workout

i would rate this 2.5/5 cause I love the leg press machine.


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  1. bLaCkcAt October 28, 2012 at 7:32 pm #

    I love reading your blog, thank you so much for all this info 🙂

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