Beach Republic Gym, Miri – Gym Review

19 Jun

It’s barely 1 month and everything is really new

I had the opportunity to drop by a new gym in Miri town yesterday. It was after gym and my gym was nearby. I have been meaning to check it out anyways. I’ve heard a lot about this gym by some of my friends who stays on the other side of Miri. Oh, if you don’t know where Miri is on how it’s structured. It’s a long stretch beside the South East China Sea Beach. So this Beach Republic is located at Luak Bay.

The older Mirian remembers this place as the Miri Port Club which didn’t do well and so closed down for many… and I mean Many years up till Dato’ Sri Law Kiu Kiong, Woodman Sdn. Bhd’s founder and Managing Director saw a great investment in the location and converted the abandon building into a more luxurious club. The pool was a major hit when it 1st started. I guess for the opportunity to enjoy new clean pool at RM3 was hard to resist. Then the restaurant came in with slightly above average priced western and local food ranges. And I guess it weren’t much of an attraction to me up till the gym came in.

So I did. I’d say it’s pretty impressing. Beach & sea view gym. It’s definitely relaxing. Well, I guess maybe in the future they might face some members who would sit whole day on the stationary bikes stalking the girls swimming in the pool but other than that, I guess it’s all good.

1st thing you catch a glimpse of other than the reception counter are the stationary bikes facing the pool

It’s a 2 story gym with all the cardio machines on the ground floor. 4 stationary bikes, 3 elliptical cross trainers, 2 stepper machine & 6 treadmills. It’s a good strategy to put all the cardio machines below away from the weight room. Plus it’s a culture in miri. Cardio that is. All the machines are / looks brand new and efficiently functioning which is a thumbs up compared to most of the other gyms which either has squeaking, cracking or even making odd noises. All the cardio machines are from 1 brand, Spirit. It’s the 1st I’ve heard of it in miri actually.

Then comes the elliptical cross trainer & steppers facing the walls.

Quite a fare share of cardio machines i’d say. The most in miri so far.

All the cardio machines are under 1 brand “SPIRIT”

So enough of the cardio. Not my best of interest. If you follow my progress you would know I don’t cardio. So As I reach the top I couldn’t help but notice….

YES! FINALLY A GYM IN MIRI WHICH UTILIZE THE AIR-CONDITIONER. lol. It was a good temperature to workout in. Other than enjoying the cool breeze from the air-con, I’ve a certain force pressing against my chest. I’ve a feeling this is a Pectoral Gym. lol. Well, for want there ain’t a lot of gyms in miri which is equipped with a full size cable cross machine. Sure there is one at Marriott which is under millage as it’s more of a fitness center at an exclusive fitness center price for Miri. Then you have Ironworks wish has a hexagonal angled smaller version of the cable cross machine. One beat up Machine over at Cybergym, another at PBC which is another Exclusive Fitness Center priced club. 1 reasonable full scale cable cross at Ace Fitness and finally 1 over at KRP. So to invest in one and at a reasonably priced member fee rate, this gym is gonna be a hit for those Pectoral enthusiast. Loving the machine already. As usual it comes with both the wide-grip and the narrow-grip chin up bars. But this unit comes with more.

Well, the only thing which capture my attention was the CalGym cable cross machine which is very scarce in Miri. Both the brand and the machine.

Paired with a good back units you get a good height on the lat pulldown station since it’s following the height of the cable cross machine. And on the other end, there is the seated row station. Now this is not what you get every day in Miri. A GOOD STACK OF WEIGHTS to really give you an awesome HARDCORE seated row PUMP. Facing out you have a high pulley cable. One which you can do almost everything from Triceps extension, Concentrated curl, Straight arm Lat pulldown…etc.

Apparently the cable cross machine is hook to a multi-back station. With a lat pulldown, single high pulley cable and a seated row station.

A closer look at the seated row. the weight stacks are good for a great heavy back day

Let’s start from one end to the other. So the 1st thing which comes in view when you enter the gym after the stairs is the Abductor / Adductor machine. It’s a good machine once you spot the right angle to really hit deep into the glutes as well as the inner thighs. Most of the time I catch a glimpse of ppl using it to stretch their lower body or just moving the hips without knowing the real power of the machine. Unfortunately I guess.

I guess this CalGym Abductor Adductor Machine will be the favourite among the ladies

Moving on we get another lower body station. This one is no stranger to me as it’s the exact same unit as Gym Rakyat. One which I crafted my quads and hams on. It’s a good piece of Leg extension and curl unit. I love leg stations such as this because you can adjust your weight without getting down to cut short time of rest and fully get the blood flowing and contained in the muscles.

This is the only Leg station I saw in the gym. Leg curl cum Leg Extension machine similar to the one at Gym Rakyat Miri.

Here is one unit I rarely used. Probably I started off with a standing free weight preacher curl station and with machines I feel the restrictions. Maybe it’s the angle, maybe its the rotation of the bars or even the length of the bars. It would have been perfect if they build a piece with length adjustments I guess. But for fitness purpose, this is a good machine for the biceps. And no I’m not checking the girl on the Back hyperextension machine. lol. just waiting to take a pic of it and trying to be careful not to disturb their workout. I know i hate mine being intruded.

I’ve not tried it but most of the preacher curl machine i’ve tried aren’t made for asian size and there’s no way to adjust the arm handle length to suite our arm length.

And so she got off eventually. Probably out of shyness or courtesy seeing that I’m snapping frenzy in the gym. Hopefully not the later cause I’ll feel really bad. So this here is the Back Hyperextension machine. I rarely use it cause I just love my deadlifts. But for those who have minor lower back, weak back problems or just don’t wish to injured their lower backs. this is a perfect machine to work on. As it really get down deep. As always, I’d advice proper technique, posture and always practice safety on this machine as it’s targeting the lower back.

This is a very good machine to work the strength for the lower back. More weights can be added compared to the manual back hyperextension station.

Yup, this here is a rare piece in Miri. Free grip pec dec. One which in youtube videos where IFBB pros sweating their pecs off with. Unless of course more gyms in Miri brings it in. I love this piece because it works like a dumbbell fly without the imbalance. A good stretch and you don’t get to rest with the regular pec dec by resting the whole forearm on the pads. Well, I got a little naughty each time I see this machine. So after testing it out with the normal sitting. I turn and face the back rest to check if it’s back workout friendly too. It’s not too smooth but there are adjusting knobs to shift the angles of the arms which I’ve not tried out. Probably it might just worked as I’ve imagined it.

This is very rare indeed. One machine i was looking for to fully stretch the pecs. I tried the reverse sitting to pull off a back exercise. Might just work. just need a little adjusting

Another reason why I could sense it’s a chest gym was other than the cable cross there was the pec deck. Now we have this seated chest press machine. Not the last machine on chest I assure you. Well, I’m ok with this machine. Don’t hate it don’t love it either but normally I’ll utilize it for my lower pecs. With adjusted form and placement of the arms and elbows, you can get a good squeeze on the lower pecs out of this chest press machine.

another customer favourite in this gym I assume. It’s easier and safer plus with the right angle, it’s a very good machine to work the lower pecs

Whoop. Another preacher curl station? Yeah, But I prefer this one over the other. At least I can adjust the angles and grip to fully cut it deep into the biceps. Not only that, throw in a dumbbell you get isolated preacher curl. Well, the angle is a bit off but nothing can’t be fix with a fix of posture and placement angle of the arms and armpits. A good addition to the gym I’d say.

This gym means business when it comes to biceps. 1st there was a machine preacher curl on the side now a free weight preacher curl station.

Now this is rare. A complete set of up till 100lbs dumbbells on the rack. Non missing. For those free weights lovers, this is to die for

Now this is by far the most impressive view of the gym. Not only it’s complete on the rack. It’s also very complete on the floor sets. Max weight 100lbs. So for those hardcore enthusiast this is a love at 1st sight. I tried the shrugs and Bend-over dumbbell row. and I can hear “I Feel Good” by James Brown playing in my head. And ladies, they have not forgotten bout you all with 5lbs sets.

Dumbbells from Xtrack sure looks delicious 😛

I’ve not heard about this brand “Xtrack” but from the grip and feel it looks like good stuff. Hopefully the members here are well educated in gym ethics and not throw or drop the weights and these dumbbells will be there for a long time.

Impressive. Investing in so many benches is a smart move when there are so many dumbbells to play with. Although it would be great if they have an upright bench for shoulder freaks. But it’s nothing a creative builder would worry about.

3 incline bench (1 at the smith-machine) and 1 flat to decline bench. This gym mean BENCHES! since it’s wide and the full sets of dumbbells, they are smart enough to throw in more bench.

Smith-machine has become a standard equipment in Miri. Thumbs up. This set is a very good piece but the counter weight on both side can only means less work on the muscles. It’s not the end of the world. Just have to know how to adjust the free plate weights to fully utilize the load. It helps a lot for the ladies and the beginners to lift off the pressure. Another weakness of this smith-machine is the safety pins. It’s set too high so for those who wishes to perform a decline bench they might just have to stack on some wood or plates below the decline and flat bench.

A very good smith machine I’d say. Through experience. It’s the same smith-machine as Kelab Rekreasi Petroliam & Gym Rakyat. Although I don’t really fancy the counter weight but overall if you know how to pump it makes no difference. Another thing, it’s not really decline bench friendly as the safety pin is set too high.

Hence the reason why I felt this is the CHEST GYM! lol. Last equipment in the gym to talk bout. An Incline barbell Bench station. This is a fixed angle bench so only means it’s going to target 1 angle of the pec. You can always remove the bar and perform a dumbbell press on this incline bench but it won’t be too friendly for the flies. Even if you lower youself it will still knock into the 2 holders by the side. But for those who have lower back injuries or just want to avoid injuries to the lower back, you can utilize this incline bench to perform a dumbbell pullover. Do not misunderstand but the flat platform behind the bench is not for you to sit and rest but for your spotters to help you when you decide to go really heavy. So don’t sit when there is someone benching. lol

Another Chest station. Nothing much you can do with this as it’s set for the incline. Welded if u know what I mean. It’s a good piece but be sure if you are new, get a spotter.

I didn’t get to try the gym out but from the feeling of it, it’s a good gym. Finally something presentable in Miri. What i find lacking in the gym is a cable rope, cable straight bar & a V-Bar (Probably I missed it or it’s placed in a hidden place) for the cable machine. As said above, an upright bench. Definitely an incline Leg press machine and a dipping station then the gym will be a perfect one.

Membership fees starts at:

Lite – RM75

Premium – RM100

Family – RM180

Walkin (Please confirm cause i just heard it from one of the members) – RM20

For more info please call: +60 85 424 040

This one I’d definitely give a 4/5 stars. (RECOMMENDED)


26 Responses to “Beach Republic Gym, Miri – Gym Review”

  1. The Gym @ Beach Republic June 22, 2012 at 2:48 pm #

    Hi Bong,

    Thanks for taking the time do the review of The Gym @ Beach Republic.

    Our goal is to build the best gym in Miri and so feedback from enthusiasts such as yourself is greatly appreciated. With regards to your last paragraph, the upright bench and dipping station has already been ordered, and there’s simply been a delay in delivery from our supplier. There will also be an additional adjustable bench and another full set of dumbbells.

    As for the leg press, we will have to see how the spacing of everything works out after we get the above equipment in. If we can comfortably fit one in without making the space too cramped and crowded, you can bet that we will have one. It’s simply a matter of priority.

    If we can get more members to sign up, we have been authorized to expand the facilities to include a studio and also more floor space. So please help us spread the word, we hope to be able to build THE best gym in Miri.

    Oh and we have a surprise being added on the beach in a few weeks. We think fitness enthusiasts will get a kick out of it. =)


    The Team from The Gym @ BR

    • Bong Cheng Tzuu, 黄晨祖 June 22, 2012 at 4:22 pm #

      Hi The Gym@BR 🙂
      kudos for your comment. I’ve made reviews on quite a number of gyms in Miri and non responded unfortunately. This only means your management is looking seriously into quality control and prioritizing the members. Thumbs up 🙂

      Yeah, i understand the issues with the delivery as I myself was experiencing it previously when I was a trainer in Brunei. But it is definitely a good gym from my point of view after working out in almost all the gyms in Miri. I would say having the incline leg press / hack squat machine would be an added plus for more bodybuilding enthusiast to drool over your gym as there aren’t much in miri and + some of which are really in bad condition due to bad maintenance. This machine would save a lot of space as its 3 in one. where by you can convert it from a leg press to a hack squat machine and even the calf raise machine.

      No worries. I appreciates a good gym and managing team and i’d say you are on my thumb ups list 🙂 Il drop by again to check it out soon. Do keep me updated. I would hope that the gym industry would improve in Miri so that we can produce quality bodybuilders locally.

      once again thanks for the comments and looking forward to hear from you again.

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  8. Peter July 29, 2012 at 3:37 pm #

    Hi Bong, would you happen to be lepiak and he-man’s friend? I was googling about BR gym and happens to bump into this blog. Great introduction with the gym. Thanks!

    • Bong Cheng Tzuu, 黄晨祖 July 30, 2012 at 8:10 am #

      not too sure bout lepiak.. bt definitely he-man’s fren.. Which Peter are u? r u in miri now? no worries. jst doing my part for Fitness enthusiast returning from outstations or ppl relocated to Miri.. remember when i 1st came back to miri there weren’t any info online at all.. otr than Uncle Chee’s Piasau Garden

  9. vivian August 17, 2012 at 3:02 pm #

    may i know what time is the gym opens on weekends?

  10. Anson August 22, 2012 at 11:00 am #

    May i ask whether will there be any membership for student price?

  11. Linda T September 3, 2012 at 10:17 am #

    awesome! I’ll be going back to Miri for Xmas can’t wait to check out this place. So how much is casual rate exactly? Great blog great infos…:)

    • Bong Cheng Tzuu, 黄晨祖 September 4, 2012 at 8:07 am #

      its RM20 per entry. inclusive of Gym & Steambath.. not too sure if u can use the pool as well. they encourage ppl to join membership actually Linda T. Working in KL?

  12. Voon Wui Kiat October 24, 2012 at 4:18 pm #

    Master bong,when is the gym room opened? since 10am? and how much is it?

  13. Voon Wui Kiat October 25, 2012 at 1:34 pm #

    I though it’s 10am open? how much is the fee of gym?

    • Bong Cheng Tzuu, 黄晨祖 October 26, 2012 at 9:20 am #

      nope.. 7am to 10pm i think.. u can drop by to ask as they open daily. its RM100 membership and RM20 per entry

      • Voon Wui Kiat October 26, 2012 at 12:46 pm #

        Ok,so u are the master of the gym room there? ps eng poor lols~

      • Bong Cheng Tzuu, 黄晨祖 October 29, 2012 at 9:50 am #

        Nope.. im not. jst like reviewing gyms that’s all

  14. Voon Wui Kiat October 29, 2012 at 4:10 pm #

    oh,ok,so there’s dumbbell 多少重?

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