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Miri City Auto Show Mr Fitness 2014

13 Oct
Miri City Auto Show 2014 Mr Fitness 1st Runner Up trophy - which i got...

Miri City Auto Show 2014 Mr Fitness 1st Runner Up trophy – which i got…

So this happened over the weekend. I joined a local fitness contest. its in conjunction with the Miri City Auto Show 2014. Mr Body Fitness. Took it as an opportunity to test out my philosophy to see if it works well towards what iv imagined it as. I didn’t change my diet routine. Just maintained the clean diet with same amount of Carbs without depleting. Of course, the choice of carbs is important. Only Complex Carbs. Plus the workout is the same only for the last 4 days.

4 days out i was hitting heavy still. Only difference is 2 body parts the same intensity but just as heavy. From 7 exercise or 8 or 12 i reduce to 4 types for each muscle group. From 6 to 7 sets i drop down to 5 sets. from 20 reps or 12 reps i make sure its just 12 reps each. or failure.

So this is Day 1 – Back & Quads / Calves

Day 2 – Chest and Hamstring / Calves

Day 3 – Shoulder and Arms


1 day out i decide to do full body lightweight HIIT. Non-Stop Extended Sets Isolation which ended up with 1hour + before I head over to my sponsor to snap some photos at the Muscle Lab Fitness Center and head home to rest.

Sponsored Athlete of #MuscleLabFitnessCenterMiri

Sponsored Athlete of #MuscleLabFitnessCenterMiri

Diet wise, the only difference started on the day before the show. I swap my brown rice and Wholemeal Bread with Whole Grain Rice Cake Salt Free to reduce the water intake. Started cutting back on water 16 hours out and completely stop at 12 hours before the stage.

So its my 1st Dream Tan product. Dream Tan #1 Gold Brown with 1 light coating - Before and after comparison

So its my 1st Dream Tan product. Dream Tan #1 Gold Brown with 1 light coating – Before and after comparison

On the day itself, i woke up pretty late. Around 5 hours prior to contest to shove the food into the Oven, took my rice cakes and back to bed. Woke up 4 hrs prior to prep my other food and did some 1k crunch before i lay back in bed. 2 hours before i drove to the location and wait. So i decide this time round, to apply the #DreamTan earlier unlike the previous contest which everyone applies 20 minutes before. Cause I find it very wet and oily if i do so. After researching, i was planning to apply it the night before but didn’t cause i was too tired and no one at home to help me apply. Anyways, I only had one coating on and only realized I would really need 3 or more to get the color really stand out since iv very fair skin base. Thankfully, I decide to paint the face too. it would have just look too weird with the big difference. Once again, Thanks so much to Muscle Lab Fitness Center Miri for sponsoring the Dream Tan. Above here, im using the Dream Tan #1 Gold Brown.

Showing the back after applying #DreamTan #1 Gold Brown

Showing the back after applying #DreamTan #1 Gold Brown

I can’t remember how many times i was called out for comparison but thankfully, there was no cramp due to dehydration. Blessings from the Lord I believe. As I cut water quite early and it was also another blessing that after a few extra round of comparison, i didn’t had that need to consume liquid as my body is not suffering from it. All I can recall is that i was called out for 6 comparison rounds and another extra for the group show so that sums up 7 and 8 posing rounds including the initial one. lol.. anyways, im still waiting for more photos coming in.

Praise God all is well

Eat Clean, Train Smart, Pump Hard


not how fast but how long

26 Aug
Checking improvements 25 days apart

Checking improvements 25 days apart

Where most people focus on how fast one’s transformation is, I focus and am more impressed with those that maintain their conditions day in day out for a life. Since I started my regime, I’ve always been “ON-Season” the whole year. there is no sloppy season hogging out like a pig for bulking. No Dirty Bulking in my dictionary. Just Clean Sizing up. Pushing the size one step at a time by building up muscle mass millimeter by millimeter.

I think they biggest question most people ask me is how I maintain that momentum to stay motivated all the time true to my regime. And my answer is… I don’t. I’m still human. I’ve up and down time. Stress and lazy days as well as motivated and hardworking days. But I focus on my goal and why I started. That’s what keep me going. Goal is very important just as Focus is. Like how The Rock Dwayne Johnson always say “FOCUS!”

So yeah, Be consistent and stay focus. 25 days progress

Eat Clean, Train Smart, Lift Safe

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