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not how fast but how long

26 Aug
Checking improvements 25 days apart

Checking improvements 25 days apart

Where most people focus on how fast one’s transformation is, I focus and am more impressed with those that maintain their conditions day in day out for a life. Since I started my regime, I’ve always been “ON-Season” the whole year. there is no sloppy season hogging out like a pig for bulking. No Dirty Bulking in my dictionary. Just Clean Sizing up. Pushing the size one step at a time by building up muscle mass millimeter by millimeter.

I think they biggest question most people ask me is how I maintain that momentum to stay motivated all the time true to my regime. And my answer is… I don’t. I’m still human. I’ve up and down time. Stress and lazy days as well as motivated and hardworking days. But I focus on my goal and why I started. That’s what keep me going. Goal is very important just as Focus is. Like how The Rock Dwayne Johnson always say “FOCUS!”

So yeah, Be consistent and stay focus. 25 days progress

Eat Clean, Train Smart, Lift Safe

That 1st Step and after

1 Aug
Photoshoot for Sin Chew Jit Poh Newspaper Interview

Photoshoot for Sin Chew Jit Poh Newspaper Interview

So its after the festive season again. For some probably they loaded more than they should at the food table and most, overly sinfully devouring the whole stock for the whole festive season. And the guilt (on some not all) usually kicks in at night before bed or after it all ended. I won’t say im very supportive of this kinda lifestyle but sometimes we humans have weakness, especially when it comes to food. So how does one get back on track after an extreme dieting period. How to gain back that motivation and momentum to reset and restart?

I would believe 1st step is to stop feeling guilty. As guilt will lead to the lack of the presence of common sense. Leading those who are guilty to go overboard which will lead to a rebound in the later days. Iv seen a lot overworked as they 1st start back, overly gung-ho and ends up injured, desperate and depressed. What is done is done (Hopefully the next round it won’t happen cause the body can only take that much craps)

Secondly, the mindset is very important. Having common sense is the 1st line of defense. You won’t be an Olympian or a Spartan by just eating junk. So organize a much more proper diet plan and eat clean and healthy food. Choose Raw Natural Ingredient and cook it healthily with healthy condiments.

Thirdly, Workout is essential, not because you need to sweat it out to feel better but exercise increases endorphin, which to some its call Happy Hormones. That will take care of the depressed bit but mostly its to get the organs functioning again and the blood pumping to increase that degenerated metabolism during the inactive period.

Slowly and most definitely if you maintain a disciplined and consistent healthy active lifestyle, results will be yours. Don’t cry over the spilled milk and well…


(P.s. Actually there is only 1 message but i feel like writing… lol… STOP FEELING GUILTY OVER THE HARM DONE AND TRY NOT TO DO IT AGAIN SINCE YOU KNOW YOU’LL BE GUILTY OVER IT)


Live Healthy, Eat Clean, Pump Smart


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