5mins-10mins… Abs Workout!

13 Feb
Bong Cheng Tzuu

Its all about perseverance and Discipline

Since there is a lot of HYPE on 5mins abs, 8 mins abs, 10,15,20….. etc and plus someone in the gym asked me what is the best workout to get rid of the Muffin top and I said “Food” to his reply… and “which is the best workout? side crunch? Hanging Side leg raise….” and I told him… “FOOD”

I can’t stress more how important food is. Regardless of which goal you intend to achieve, food is on the top most of the list. And its not just a last minute thing nor a Crash diet that will get you that goal but a long term lifestyle. If you maintain that good diet for a  long period of time, your body will have the time to adjust and adapt and make it the standard settings so when you need to tap into it, you will have a clean source of pool to draft from.

You can crunch 2 millions time, situps 10 millions a day but if you don’t eat right, regardless of how effective the the X-mins intensive abs routine claims you won’t be able to out-train a bad diet.

So the exercise you need to be working on now is your brain and self-control. have discipline and perseverance.

Happy 2016



How did 1 healthy lifestyle becomes only seasonal?

30 Sep

So it’s a common thing now that everyone is into fitness and health… “h e a l t h”? It’s not a very common practice these days even when everyone is hitting the gym or running the parks, dancing, group exercise, bootcamp and even more honorable mentions that will go on and on. Yet, it seems like it’s only practiced seasonally.

A good question to ask is will you be breathing seasonally? mayb breath for 3 months and 9 mths holding your breath or mayb eat 6 months and starve 6 months? so why would one of the most important thing part of life be just seasonal? Doc won’t tell you that the sickness or disease or virus is taking a break in the coming 2 months so don’t worry bout the medication, would they?

If people tell you its impossible, iv been doing it daily for the past 8 years and many more years to come. and people do tell me that im not enjoying life. Well, that nice taste you put in the mouth comes out with a different taste the next day and well, you can be sure something is left behind in your body. be it something good or bad, its up to you. Don’t wait till the Doc gives you a warning letter to start seeking for a healthy lifestyle. And who says im not enjoying life? as of now, i can eat a nice huge chunk of steak without fearing for my uric acid levels or cholesterol. Or maybe a piece of rich chocolate moist cake without thinking about my sugar level. Strenght is in one who can choose and have power over their choice with discipline intact.

So that is why when people tell me that iv no life cause i eat clean everyday or there is no thrill in fun if i cant enjoy good food, i am not affected or insulted. Because i know with this investment, i can still enjoy those food once in a while many years from now on. Sure they will say there is no insurance or guarantee for what i do now will give me great health but if i don’t do it now, im 100% sure il be in big trouble. At least now iv 50:50 chance. better than 0%.

Just my 2 cents on this topic which a lot of people have on thier mind. Been too long since i posted anything but now that iv a light portable device, i think il be posting more on health.

Think bout it focus on long term goals not short ones.

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